Speedo Sundays

Guess which model strolled down the Miguel Vieira runway in nothing but a backpack and a golden swimsuit?


The answer is after the jump.


Alex Schultz, who was certainly THE male model of the season in Brazil.

Pictures courtesy of Agencia Fotosite.


Alex is HOT, HOT, HOT!
And I loved Miguel Vieira's show

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OMG Alex is HOT but really diggin the golden speedo.

Why didn't he do the milan/paris shows ... they're a million times more important than Sao Paulo & he's on the cusp of exploding - i would have thought that the exposure at the European shows would have been beneficial for him.

I think that he was wise to model on sao paulo instead of use his "15 minutes" of fame in europe,cause seasons always change,next season is going to have another "It" male model,its better for latin models to build solid careers in their native nations and them go try luck over seas,cause when they r not longer the male model of the season,they can always go back to their home land and do modeling,host a reality show or whatever

he looks great, but they could have done something to make his peniss look their best, he looks his best, i'm not sure his pee-pee does

He,looks great...

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