Pride Around The World

São Paulo Pride was celebrated over a month ago, but the vast majority of pride parades around the world took place yesterday (when they were actually supposed to).


Ex-sargeant Fernando Alcantara, who left the Army last week after coming out publicly on the cover of a magazine, was the guest of honor yesterday at the pride parade in Brasília. Considering he was arrested for wearing a basic camouflage t-shirt in a TV show, I am not surprised he is the only one in the picture not in camo.

Canadian military personnel marched in the pride parade in Toronto for the fist time ever.


Governor David A. Paterson, who has made advancing gay rights central to his policy making, was greeted with enthusiasm at the gay pride march in New York City. In spite of the rain, over 500,000 attended the parade. More over at Towleroad.

San Francisco drew its biggest crowd ever this past Sunday, with many people coming from all over the US to get legally married.

The gay gride march debuted in Delhi, demanding an end to discrimination in a society where homosexuality is still illegal.

The boys from Ohlala Mag report from pride in Paris. My friend JD was there and sent me a shot of two Brazilians he found in the middle of the crowd. Check out the picture after the jump.


Judging from the picture, I'd say JD had a fun pride.


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I went to San Francisco Pride it was great, just got back this evening. Estimate was one million people, with a minimun of police, yes there monitors,,,but very few police.

What about Mexico City? 200,000 people marched down Reforma Ave. I think that deserves a mention.

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