SPFW: New Faces Of The Season

After spending a week breaking into the men's dressing rooms and following most of the shows in São Paulo, the new boys who caught my eye this season were Igor Monteiro, Henrique Ribeiro, and Ed Marquezini.


Igor Monteiro, WAY Model Management.


Henrique Ribeiro, VIVA.


Ed Marquezini, Ford Models Rio.

I am totally obsessed with the three of them.

4,000 Red Balloons In Copacabana

Members of the Rio de Paz organization lined up 4,000 red balloons and a cross at the beach in Copacabana today to protest the number of murders predicted to happen in the next six months in Rio. As shocking as it is, that number is estimated at 4,000 people.

One Lucky Girl

Flavia de Oliveira got to pose with Aitor Mateo naked in the latest issue of Elle. Now that is a job am sure she loved doing.


More pictures after the jump. Warning: semi-NSFW.

SPFW: The Most Bookings

In a month in which so much has been said in the media about black models, I am thrilled to report that newcomer Gracie Carvalho stood out as the girl with the most bookings in the country this season. She walked 35 shows in Rio, and booked another 33 shows in São Paulo this past week.



Gracie Carvalho is on her way to New York, where she will be represented by Marilyn. Book her asap.

He's So Hot



Thanks to JD Ferguson for getting a shot of Miro Moreira backstage at the shows in Milan, and to Miro for being such a good sport about it.

Now if only Gisele would pose with a sign...

The Sexy Shepherd

My friend Sergio Mattos had told me that Evandro Soldati had posed for a Dolce & Gabbana project entirely shot by Michael Roberts. Some images of the book, entitled The Good Shepherd, have finally surfaced.



Images via Modelhommes. More at Towleroad.

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