Embark On Brazil's First Gay Cruise

The first gay cruise entirely produced in the country will sail on February of next year. Entitled Freedom, the cruise is being developed by Energia 97 radio, and will leave Santos on route to Florianópolis on February 6. The ship will be anchored in front of Praia Mole for three nights, and guests will enjoy three parties on board of Island Escape. DJs such as Eric Cullenberg, Paulo Ciotti, Robson Mouse, and Rodolfo Bravat, have already been tapped to spin at the parties.

And in case some of you are already planning a trip to Brazil for NYE or Carnival next year, keep in mind that Steele Luxury Travel just closed a deal with nightclub The Week to guarantee a personalized VIP all access card to events hosted by the club for Steele Travel customers for NYE, Carnival, and Pride. Considering how packed the club gets, it is a pretty nice perk.

For more about the Freedom cruise, dial +55.11.3624.9007 or visit MixBrasil.


>a deal with nightclub The Week
>to guarantee a personalized VIP
>all access card

Do you mean The Week in Rio? (Or Florianopolis, where the ship is going?)

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