Gay Couple In The Brazilian Army Opens Up

Army sargeants Fernando Alcântara de Figueiredo and Laci Marinho de Araújo, who came out publicly on the cover of this week's Época magazine, went live on national TV last night to talk about prejudice in the Brazilian Army, and about their decision to tell their story to the magazine.

After participating on the rather sensationalist TV show Superpop, sargeant Araújo was arrested. According to the military, he was not arrested for coming out on TV, but for deserting the Army since May of last year without providing reasonable medical evidence for leaving duty. sargeant Araújo claims that he is no longer apt to work for the Army due to an emotional breakdown, and that the papers provided by his neurologist were not accepted as proof of his unstable health by the national Army.

In the video below recently posted on the Época website, the couple talks about being constantly harassed at work.

"It it is a sin to be gay in the Brazilian Army, then the Army better be shut down because mostly everyone there is condemned," says Araújo at the end of the video.

I hope their coming out will inspire others in the Army to do the same, and the government to develop an educational program about homosexuality in the military forces.


Hypocrisy is a shame... and after huge events in Brazil such as Gay Pride I really thought we were opening people's mind...SHAME SHAME SHAME!!

I am not sure whether their coming out (and follow-up backlash) will promote more people in the army to come out. I believe it will drive "gays in the military" even further in the closet as Brazil is still very macho-oriented and homophobic when it comes to the the armed forces (or any similar "macho" job). I admire their great courage but wish they were fighting to REMAIN in the army as out-gay-men and NOT taking a medical leave for stress-related issues, "proving" to the "straights" that gay men are these frail creatures that easily succumb to pressure and adversities.
I also wish he didn't pluck his eyebrows...

Pumpkin Man

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