4,000 Red Balloons In Copacabana

Members of the Rio de Paz organization lined up 4,000 red balloons and a cross at the beach in Copacabana today to protest the number of murders predicted to happen in the next six months in Rio. As shocking as it is, that number is estimated at 4,000 people.


Extremely thought provoking, touching and universal in many ways. A sober reminder of a call to action.

Unfortunately the situation is much worse, because it does not include people who have "disapperead" (according to statistics 70% disapperances are in fact deaths)...the number could easily reach 10.000 people in one year. And if you narrow it down to male young people from poor communities those figures are scary. Something needs to be done to favor income distribution, teh only solution. Sad it happens in absolutely the most beautiful city in the world...


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