When Madonna Is Busy At Roseland...

Madonna Online celebrated the release of Hard Candy last night with with a big bash at The Week in São Paulo, and since today is Labor Day I decided to attend. I was under the impression that the main dancefloor would play only Madonna songs, and that I would dance all night, but unfortunately the DJ chose to stick to remixes as opposed to the original version of the songs, and it got boring quickly. The highlight of the evening for me was a video medley put together by Madonna Online, which I wish I had taped in its entirety.

I am going to email the guys at Madonna Online and see if I can get the entire medley on MP3 to post here.

I just watched some clips from the concert in New York on YouTube since the MSN concert will not be broadcast in Brazil until May 15. All I can say is it looks like Hard Candy will provide great concert material for Madonna, and I can't wait to see her on tour again. If you missed the concert as well, the videos are after the jump.

Candy Shop:

Give It To Me:

4 Minutes:

Head over to Towleroad for a review of the promo concert. Click here to download the entire show.


the medley is genius!

Both The Week video and performance in Roseland are already available at madonnaonline.com.br =)

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