Two Good Things About Telenovelas

Primetime soap Duas Caras comes to an end tonight. It was probably one of the worst telenovelas in Brazilian TV history, but fortunately its cast was pretty easy on the eye.

Two of the cutest actors in Duas Caras posed shirtless for two different publications this month: Alexandre Slaviero is on TPM, while breakout hunk Julio Rocha is on Lounge magazine.



More pictures of both of them after the jump.





what can one say about this guy. He's just absolutely handsome with a gorgeous body. He's been blessed...more ways than one.

I loved DUAS CARAS, Silvia (Alinne Moraes) stold the show. It was for her that I kept watching the novela. Heraldo (Alexandre) is a hottie!!! I love himw!

I was living in Rio for the month of April and got hooked on Duas Caras. Mostly for the above actors. Ok, only for the above actors and the theme song. What a hunk!!

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