The NYT Discovers Vila Madalena


I hadn't really hang out at Vila Madalena in São Paulo until recently, and I have to say it has now become my antidote for the crowded Jardins neighborhood, which has long lost its hip status and became the city's answer to Madison Avenue. The New York Times seems to have fallen in love with Vila Madelena as well, and gave it a big nod with an article on the Travel section over the weekend.

Since rentals at Vila Madalena are less expensive than in Jardins, you can actually find cute little shops and original merchandise as opposed to all the big designer labels, which (honestly) can be purchased for half of the price in the US anyways. There are also bohemian hangouts for a late night beer and steak such as Salve Jorge, one of my favorite spots in the area. If you happen to be walking around, I also highly recommend Pira Sanduba for one of the best selection of cheap sandwiches in the city.

More at the NYT: A Rare Shop-and-Stroll Area.


One of the many reasons to travel is to look for things that are typical of the region, and even better when they are produced and design there, that is refreshing.

Originality is a rare and hot commodity that most people undervalue because they don't understand it.

You are so right!!

I've also discovered Vila Madalena recently and loved it. It's nice to stroll in its streets with more houses than apartments, nice shops and restaurants. I particularly enjoyed a lunch at Santa Gula and the Livraria da Vila. And also a chocolate shop, whose name I forgot...

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