Stalking Dado Dolabella

Is it just me or is actor Dado Dolabella always hanging out at the beach in Rio?



If he's got so much free time, how about writing Made In Brazil with lipstick across his chest and sending me the picture? (Image Source)


Let him hang out... We like to see =)

He must not take dogs to the beach. But everybody knows he is naughty.

Yes, I agree, the blogger is obsessed with Dolabella. He is always showing him on the beach.

Oh darling! Dado is such a talentless uncharismatic left-out pseudo-celebrity [I refuse to say that he's an actor], of course he's always hanging out at the beach, that's all he have in his life!

ele era tão franguinho, melhorou muito.
O blog dele no é bem interessante é o melhor que ele tem feito.

I knew that the Brazilian are very cute but Dado is over cute. I'm verey fond of Brazil anyway. Congratulations your blog.
Munroe from Paris

I'll write it on his chest for you!!

Now this is a hot MAN

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