Speedo Sundays: Edilsonmania

I have to admit that even I am a little tired of Edilson at this point, but considering the pictures below were taken by Marcelo Krasilcic when I was in New York back in March, I had to post them.



The pictures above will be featured on the upcoming issue of Junior magazine, which hits newstands on May 20.

More pictures and videos from the edit with Edilson coming later in the week. Make sure to also check out the behind the scenes videos which were previously posted here and here.


Excuse me, but did you just say that you're "tired of Edilson"?! That's like saying that you're tired of chocolate! It's like saying that you're tired of caviar and champagne! It's like saying that you're tired of being in Paradise!!!

I can't get enough of this gorgeous man and can't wait to see the new issue of Junior magazine. Please, give us more! More!! More!!!

sorry, but he's stunning.

Muito gato !

Muito gato !

he need a new hairdoo....

Again with the ugly guys

I find the guy to be attractive-- beautiful natural muscularity, but I agree with another poster: he needs a new and shorter hairstyle to enhance his other positive attributes.

He also looks like he's "packing" which is always yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!


If you're getting tired of Edilson I suggest you get your blood pressure checked.

A change of hair style would be nice, but even better is more pictures.

What doe's "packing" means?

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