São Paulo Gay Pride 2008 Recap


In case you have missed my week-long coverage of São Paulo Gay Pride weekend, below are links to all the posts about the parties and the parade. Make sure to check them out.

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The Week's Big Pride Circus
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Pride 2008: Dancing In The Pool
Pride 2008: At Avenida Paulista
Pride 2008: Offer Nissim At The Week
Pride 2008: New Set By Felipe Lira
I Am Addicted To Go-go Dancers
Pride 2008: At Flexx

And here are videos of the parade last Sunday from the top of the Manhunt float, courtesy of Aimee (DanceMusicDiva).

For more videos of the parties and go-go boys, visit Blog Made In Brazil on YouTube. Picture of the parade by Pedro Marra for ParouTudo.





Aimee is one of the newest best talents out there be great to have her play at the event.

I am so proud of the job Aimee "DanceMusicDiva" did at the parade in Sao Paulo for 5 million people. Hope everyone that did not go, get to hear her very soon.


o loved aimee music... !!! she rocks

aimee was a diva. great job and keep it up. come to los angeles when you can. hugs!

I was at pride for the parade and at Gods party to hear Aimee "Dancemusicdiva" and she was incredible. Can't wait to hear her again.

Aimee "DanceMusicDiva" is a force to be reckoned with.
What a wonderful job she did.The music rocked and the people seemed to have a wonderful time.

Aimee ; Hope Montreal welcomes you soon.

Major hugs !!

I saw shes playing alive!! shes the best!!

Aimee is AMAZING.....when can we get her to Fort Lauderdale? ....how bout if we BEG?

One can only hope Alegria is in her future. Great job!

DJdancemusicdiva(Aimee Newman)showed what a real musiclover she is,she got the crowed and us in a festive mood by playing top tunes after top tunes,she's was amazing and was one the highlight of the day.....u go girl!!!!!! beijos.

Sao Paulo Pride 2008 was an amazing experience. The Parade, the largest in the World was a showcase of very animated floats and happy people showing love for the Gay community. Among them Dance Music Diva onboard the Manhunt float kept us dancing for hours with a set that was pure energy. How can we get her to spin on our parties in the USA? She is a great talent! Hats off for a job well done girl!

Aimee was superbe and created a loving atmosphere during her set she played so well....We want her back.

Aimee was awesome at the ManHunt float! Without her, the parade wouldn't have been complete! You were awesome DanceMusicDiva!


I loved Aimee's set on the manhunt Float!
She really rock the parade!

Hey nice videos, nice set...I've also seen the others in youtube they are awesome... are you comin' to mexico city anytime soon? Hope you do!
Keep the great work!

That´s my girl!!!
I´m so proud of you girl you dont have idea!!
Our star will shine a lot baby!!
You´ll see!!
Luv you!!!

Beta =)**

According to the videos I've heard...I want her at my pride ASAP!! Fierce! !

I just can't forget Dancemusicdiva's amazing set on Pride. It was full of emotion!
Keep rocking honey!

She ROCKS!!! And had a great energy!!!
Shes amazing. Love her

I would like to have seen Aimee in Sao Paulo. The videos are fierce and I hope one day to see you at live. Leave me informed when you playing in New York. Big kiss

What an interesting parade.
it's so lucky to be Brazilian.
meanwhile i'm here in Indonesia
would never enjoy the sensation
like in Brazil.
wish i could join brazilian gay pride someday.
thanks to put this info.
i really appreciate it.


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