Pride 2008: The Week's Angels At Pacha

I landed in São Paulo last night to cover the Gay Pride festivities for the blog. After a quick stop at a little gathering my friend DJ Brett Henrichsen invited me to, I headed over to nightclub Pacha for the big party of the night: The Week's Angels Visit Pacha.

As expected from the staff at The Week, the event was extremely well organized, and it was fairly easy to get in even though there had to be about 1,000 people waiting in line when I got to Pacha at 1:30 am. I did not stay past 4 am because I have about three other big parties to cover this weekend, but I had a camera on me, and put together a video with some of the clips from last night. Make sure to check it out.

Yes, it was beyond packed.

Tonight DJ Chris Cox spins at The Week for a very special edition of the TOY party. Am definitely taking my camera to take several pictures.

YouTube: The Week's Angels Visit Pacha


Christ! folks...let's have some fun out there and kick it!!!!
Great shows the space off well, but why is everyone just shuffling their feet and staring at one another...i guess its hard to bust your moves when you are shoulder to shoulder w the boys!

The club scene in Sao Paulo (as i recently discovered... at the Week!) is beyond compare really... it makes NYC (no offence) seem rather tame. we had a blast dancing, the music and sound system rocked...and btw....there was room to move.

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