I Am Addicted To Go-go Dancers

I have just come to the sad realization that I am addicted to go-go boys (I also have a thing for male strippers but have not had a chance to make a video of that yet).

The clip above was shot at The Week on Saturday night when Offer Nissim started spinning. The boys were on fire under the diamond-studded ceiling of the club.

Click here to download the video above in high-resolution for your iPod (or iPhone). It could be a good incentive for when you are at the gym on the treadmill.


I regret to inform I'm a victim of the same addition - and rumour has it most of the cases only get worse throughout the years :(

moi aussie!

me 2 dude, i watch girls dance b4 but nothing gets me off more than a sexy male stripper in my face

What a sexy, brutally honest addiction.

I love the scent of a male stripper or go-go boys

G'day! I just wanted to quickly say that I love your blog, and have given a link to you on mine. Keep up the great work!

Sydney, Australia

I think they are sexier in the shorts than in a g string. I remember once when one of them came over to our booth and put his c**k in my partner's (an incredibly good looking man) face-something he didn't appreciate. I think he got the message fast. Otherwise he would have gotten a five dollar bill wrapped around ice cubes...

This is a blog I truly appreciate!!!

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