Go-go Madness At Girassol Day Party

The Girassol Day Party yesterday at Clube de Regatas Tiete was even more packed than it was last year. The selection of go-go boys was top notch, with the sexiest dancers from all of São Paulo's biggest gay clubs on one stage.

Click here to download the video above in hi-resolution for your iPod.

I will not be attending the parade this afternoon, so if any of you happen to go please email me pictures. Remember to keep your belongings neatly tucked inside your underwear, and not to walk on the streets by yourself at night.

More coverage of Gay Pride weekend coming tomorrow.


I realy can't understand this fascination with some overmuscled fools flip-floppin around like clumsy fish out of the water. Too many muscle growth hormones, not enough brain cells....

I find gogo boys sooo tacky!!!
I hate that Brazilians like to imitate the rubbish American gay scene.

I think a sexy go go boy has to be able to entertain the crowd in ways that go beyond "biceps and bulges"...like great rhythm and an ability to make the songs/music his own! All that, AND a great smile with occasional flirty winking and you have some serious go-boy action happening! mmmm.

Unforts, many of the guys that i have seen up there, bounce around with either an intense look on their face or an empty stare.

Still, I have to give it the Brazilian go go boys when comparing their overall abilities to dancers around the world. The Week has some of the best!

I find it pretty disgusting that André Almada (The Week) doesn't want anything to do with the parade anymore. Dismissing the parade as "too popular" or full of "ugly people" (ie poor and/or black people) is just elitism, and frankly it's this sort of attitude that makes The Week a horrible place in IMO. Sure, the parade is a victim of its own success and it has become way too crowded in recent years, but it's important for EVERYONE to show their presence and fight for our rights and visibility.

Well, Michael, you hit something square on the head and it goes a long way in explaining why on "Made In Brasil" there are rarely, if ever, any men of colour. The comments made by Sr. (Srta. Cosa) Almada are elitist, and racist as well, when he (it) says the Pride Parade is "too popular" or has too many "ugly people". He just doesn't like all those "kind of people" (REAL people) having sharing a day in the bright sun of Gay Pride with his "kind" (elitist, white (or wannabe-white) and--judging from this video--very lousy dancers).

Isn't the point of the parade to show one's face proudly to the world as part of a community? To say such an event is too popular, i.e. too many people show up, is like complaining that a charity is raising too much money.

Jack, I totally agree with you.... lol.
Unfornunately the owner of this blog doesn't seem to share the same opinion, he obviously prefer to be in a VIP area of one of Andre Almada's club (which he probably doens't pay to get in, in Brazil we call it "jaba") than be at the Parade. To prove that, check out his coverage of the Parade this year, once again it's crap. For a fair and professional media coverage I advise you guys to check out CNN, El Pais and BBC websites.

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