Edilsonmania Hits M Mensuel

I had already unveiled the cover of French magazine M Mensuel with Edilson last month, but here are some of the pictures featured inside, photographed by Troy Phillips.



I am starting to wonder what he looks like in clothes as opposed to underwear and swimsuits. I have heard that OUT has shot him recently, and am curious to see the pictures.

More at: The French Get Another Dose Of Edilson.


Good God Almighty! Every photo spread of Edilson is hotter than the one before; I don't know how much more I can take! He has it all, and boy oh boy, does he know how to work it!!! Thank you for this wonderful post---these photos are simply breathtaking!

I am actually wondering the same thing...what DOES mr Edilson look like in clothes? I would love to see him styled in something higher end...like a Dior or D Squared shoot? Clearly he has the body...great proportion, good features, face, nicely toned, etc.

See him In clothing in the upcoming Fall issue of Numero Homme - shot by Mathias Vreins

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