Pride 2008: Dancing In The Pool




The Girassol Day Party on Saturday evening has become São Paulo's answer to New York's legendary Pier Dance. It started around 3 pm but I did not get there until after 5. It was pretty busy already by then, but luckily the event was very well organized and I had no problems getting in or buying drinks. At 7 the pool which had been drained and transformed into a dancefloor was beyond packed, and my feeling is that there had to be at least 5,000 people at the party dancing.

Last year I stayed at Girassol until 11, but considering I still wanted to hit The Week later on to see Offer Nissim, this year I was out of there at 8. You can easily tell how crowded it got at night on the video below.

More pictures of Girassol after the jump.





Click here for a video of the go-go boys in action. More coverage of the Pride parties coming tomorrow.


Queria te dizer que foi um prazer conhecer você pessoalmente.
em tempo: saí da GiraSol à 1h50 da manhã. e ainda bombava. fui direto pra TW, entrei sem problemas na hora e vivi o Peter intensamente até... 11h30 da manhã. daí vc pode entender porque não fui à Parada nem à Pool do domingo ;)
Beijão, depois vou ler aqui seus posts da Parada!

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