Dado Dolabella At The Beach (Again)

Actor Dado Dolabella is becoming the international poster boy for Ipanema lately. Thanks to the good weather in Rio and the efficient Brazilian paparazzi, here are pictures of him at the beach yesterday.



I think I should start a weekly column about his leisurely afternoons in Rio. More pictures after the jump.




BTW, did you guys know that Dado also has a blog?


sorry to criticize object of your obsession, but what kind of low life idiot takes dogs to a city beach full of people?

sam, you're bitter

who cares about the dogs?

It's all about the zunga, and the treasures it holds within...

Ai que delicia!!! Que pacote hein!

Does anyone know the brand of swimsuit he is wearing?

What's wrong with taking dogs to a city beach full of people? Also, why are there never any Brasilian men of colour? I know they exist. I've seen them. I loved one once.

Wow he's an incredibly sexy man...

wow he is veru good man.... and he is playboy:)

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