Brazil's Gayest Couple

I don't mean to out anyone with my comments, but considering everyone in the country knows actress Claudia Jimenez is a big dyke, and cute actor Rodrigo Phavanello isn't necessarily straight either, why have the two of them been pretending to the media that they are a couple?


I know it can be hard to deal with prejudice in Brazil in certain situations, but going around kissing your lesbian friends may not be the best way to deal with the pressure. Pictures via Papel Pop.


Lol this has been going on for a while and nobody is buying it. I love Rodrigo!

que boabgem vai eles estam se amando, amor não é só sexo. Acho que quem está com preconceito é voce!!!

Half of the artists and actors who are exposed in the media use the same strategy.

Most of the couples you see on the magazines are completely fake.

If the two people mentioned here desire to be an "item," so be it, and all POWER to them.

I abhor homopbobic societies, and apparently Brasil is one as well as the US of A. in spite of some barriers being broken and acceptance is happening in some sectors!!!

Gosh, I'm speechless...
Is he really gay? I did not know that...
I could totally buy his macho attitude. I thought he was straight.
Live and learn...

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