A Semana: The Gay Kiss Controversy, New Clubs, Cyndi Lauper, VMan, And Fashion Week

After much controversy in the past few weeks, it was confirmed that the gay kiss which was supposed to air at the last episode of soap Duas Caras was not even taped as a back up plan. This is the second time Globo axed a kiss between two men on the final episode of a soap. The first time was back in 2005 on the soap America.

Two new gay nightclubs are opening in São Paulo right after Pride: Just will be a smaller venue for 400 people, while Shoock Disco Lounge will be more like the recently shut down Bubu, with the capacity for 1,200 people. Both clubs open Friday of next week.

The smoke ban in Rio starts this Saturday. After that, smoking will no longer be allowed on closed spaces. I hope the ban is effective and that the same measure is adopted in São Paulo immediately.

Cyndi Lauper will be hitting five Brazilian cities on her new tour. She will play Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio, Curitiba, and Porto Alegre by mid November.

American Idol winner David Cook set a record today for debut entries on the Billboard Hot 100 with 11 titles entering the chart. His original recording The Time of My Life, entered the Hot 100 on the third slot, and topped the Hot Digital Songs chart with 236,000 downloads.

The winner of the 2008 VMan Ford Models search has been announced, and it is Petey. He and two runners-up have been shot by Hedi Slimane for VMan 12.

This is what the future of Lacoste looks like.

Is Ms. Tyra Banks following the footsteps of Martha and Oprah?

Fashion Rio and São Paulo Fashion week have released the line up for the spring shows this June. The biggest news is the first Rosa Cha menswear show, which I can't wait for. Rumor has it that Agyness Deyn may also show up. The complete schedule of Brazilian shows is after the jump.

Fashion Rio:

Saturday, June 7th:
18:00 – Specular
19:30 – Lilica Ripilica
20:30 – Rita Wainer

Sunday, June 8th:
16:30 – Thais Losso
17:00 – Fashion Container Exhibit with Muggia, Soul Seventy, Rita Wainer, and Thais Losso
18:00 – Virzi
19:00 – Santa Ephigênia
20:00 – Totem
21:30 – Walter Rodrigues

Monday, June 9th:
16:00 – Têca
17:00 – Mara Mac
18:30 – Alessa
19:30 – Salinas
20:30 – Drosófila
21:30 – TNG

Tuesday, June 10th:
10:00 – Tessuti
15:30 – New Designers: Homem de Barro and Filhas de Gaia
16:30 – Apoena
17:00 – Soul Seventy
18:00 – Eliza Conde
19:30 – Maria Bonita Extra
20:30 – Victor Dzenk
21:30 – Cavendish

Wednesday, June 11th:
15:00 – New Designers: Giulia Borges and Koolture
16:00 – Coven
17:00 – Luiza Bonadimam
18:30 – Graça Ottoni
19:30 – Juliana Jabour
20:30 – Carlos Tufvesson
21:30 – Cantão

Thursday, June 12th:
15:30 – Rio Moda Hype
17:00 – Kylza Ribas
18:00 – Chiaro
19:30 – Elisa Chanan
20:30 – Lenny
21:30 – Sandpiper

Friday, June 13th:
15:30 – Rio Moda Hype
17:00 – Luciana Galeão
18:30 – Espaço Fashion
19:30 – Melk Z-Da
20:30 – Ivan Aguilar
21:30 – Redley


Tuesday, June 17th:
15:00 - Osklen
17:00 - Patricia Vieira
18:00 - 2nd Floor
19:00 - Forum Tufi Duek
20:15 - Fábia Bercsek
21:30 - Do Estilista

Wednesday, June 18:
14:30 - Uma by Raquel Davidowickz
15:30 -Movimento
16:30 - Ellus
18:00 - V.Rom
19:00 - Fause Haten
20:00 - Triton
21:15 - Cia Marítima

Wednesday, June 19th:
11:30 - Iódice
14:30 - Maria Bonita
16:00 - Cori
17:30 - Huis Clos
19:00 - Alexandre Herchcovitch (mens)
20:15 - Blue Man
21:30 - Animale

Friday, June 20th:
12:00 - Reinaldo Lourenço
15:00 - Cavalera
16:00 - Alexandre Herchcovitch (womens)
17:00 - Anabela Baldaque
18:00 - OESTUDIO
19:15 - Água de Coco -
21:00 - Neon

Saturday, June 21st:
11:00 - Isabela Capeto
15:00 - Jefferson Kulig
16:00 - Miguek Vieira
17:00 - Amapô
18:00 - Ronaldo Fraga
19:00 - Wilson Ranieri
20:15 - Rosa Chá (mens)
21:30 - André Lima

Sunday, June 22nd:
9:00 - Pedro Lourenço
10:30 - Gloria Coelho
15:00 - Maria Garcia
16:00 - Mario Queiroz
17:00 - Paola Robba for Poko Pano
18:00 - Simone Nunes
19:00 - Samuel Cirnansck
21:00 - Colcci

Monday, June 23rd:
11:00 - Erika Ikezili
14:00 - Zoomp
15:00 - Priscila Darolt
16:15 - Carlota Joakina
18:00 - Vide Bula
19:00 - Reserva
20:30 - Lino Villaventura


Hello from Spain: I want to greeting you for your excelent coverage of the 2008 Gay Pride in Sao Paulo; I went there for the first time and in the back and reading your blog, I discover how many interesting things I missed. I reach SP on friday morning, after an accidented travel including an non expected escale in Rio;that night we went to The Week, and for us, was a wonderful night; we were entered to the vip area and enjoyed very much; we left the club at the morning.Saturday we came back to TW but I did not like so much as friday: too much people, not so pretty boys, and worst in general. We missed the girassol partys because thought they were a not good option (it seems we were wrong)Next year will be diferent; Also we did not like too much the Parade; we stayed at Paulista/ Bela Cintra and were defrauded with the atmosphere there; at night we went to the Largo de Arouche area, wich was full of people as you know. We were too tired to go another place; next year (or before) we want to know SOGO , Flexx, etc. Kind regards for you, we´ll continue reading your wonderful blog!

Why should there be clubs, Why should there be clubs? what can they do, whats the purpose of a club, why should we join clubs? as a high school student..pls help.

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