Dear Ronaldo, We Need An Explanation

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo (a.k.a. The Phenomenon) has dated some of the country's hottest girls, so when a tranny accused him of not paying for her rendered services early this week, the whole nation was naturally in a state of shock. Here are the two versions of what happened.

According to Ronaldo, he met a prostitute called Andréa at a club in Rio on Sunday night. The two took off to a motel, and Andréa called two girlfriends to join them. When Ronaldo realized he was dealing with three trannies, he offered each one of them R$1K to call it a night. One of the trannies declined his offer, and asked him for R$50K, which Ronaldo refused to pay.

According to Andréa, the tranny of the week in Brazil, Ronaldo picked her up after dropping his girlfriend home. He was not aware that she was actually a man, so the two went to a motel, and Ronaldo asked Andréa to call a girlfriend and have her join them. Andréa said that Ronaldo did not care when he realized her girlfriend was a tranny, and that the two had sex. Another tranny was called, and she came in with drugs. Andréa was asked to go buy more drugs, and Ronaldo gave her his car registration as proof that he would wait for her at the motel. When she got back, her two friends were gone, and Ronaldo refused to pay for her services. She had a fit, police came in, and soon the Brazilian media followed.

Andréa taped Ronaldo with her cellphone to prove that she was actually with him. The 8-seconds video is now one of the most watched on YouTube Brazil.

As much as I believe that Ronaldo's version is the one to go with, just why on earth would he even think of screwing around with three trannies? I mean, he can get pretty much any girl (or guy) he wants for free.


"I mean, he can get pretty much any girl (or guy) he wants for free"

Yeah, thanks to his money NOT his looks! I'm still amazed Raica dated him!

Yes, he can get any girl he wants for free.

But he doesn't want family girls. He wants hooke*s. You must understand that Ronaldo comes from a very very poor family. He doesn't feel confortable around refined, sophisticated people. He doesn't want rich models or celebrities. He wants people that have the same background as himself: poor people who are vulgar and audacious in bed.

That is why he picked third-class hooke*s.

wow "Lucius Vorenus" this has to be the most closed-minded and grotesque comment I have ever heard. You are so full of prejudice - and bullshit. So; according to you, if someone came from a poor background, they will never be comfortable with "refined"(?) and "sophisticated"(?) people? Since when are rich people necessarily refined and sohpisticated? I have met SOOOOOOO many trashy, "third-class" rich people around..... The type that would say something like: "poor people who are vulgar and audacious in bed..."
You sound so elitist........ Let me guess... Are you one of Ronaldo's rich neighbours in Rio's south side? Or just another rich Brazilian somewhere else?

> just why on earth would he even think of screwing around
> with three trannies?

well the simplest (and therefore the most logical) explanation is that he wanted to do so...

no offence, but andrea, "the tranny", is not the most attractive of them all. so it's likely that ronaldo just prefered to have his fun that way that night.

and why not? why aren't we free to explore our own sexuality in anyway we might feel worth it even if someone else might not feel comfortable with?

as long as it's consensual why should we feel obliged to explain our explorations to any outsider??

I am not saying that EVERY person who comes from a poor family will feel more confortable among other people with the same background. But I do believe this is what is happening with Ronaldo. He is clearly not happy with those models and celebrities that he so often dates.

I am not saying that EVERY rich person is sophisticated and refined. But poor people do have different attitudes and behavior compared to very rich people. It is insane to deny that.


Why does ANYONE choose a travesti over a miche or a puta. Some people are attracted to travestis. It is completely bigoted to judge him for not wanting women (or men). I expected better from this site.

All I meant is he should have known that a guy who is always in the media and surrounded by paparazzi like him should be more careful when screwing around behind his girlfriend's back.

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