Speedo Sundays

Actor Dado Dolabella seems to always be at the beach in Rio. Luckily, so are the paparazzi.


Pictures of him leaving the beach after the jump (in board shorts, but I had to post them).



After all the stalking, it is about time Dado sends me a picture with a Made In Brazil sign.


In picture #2, is he really that short????

He does look short compared to that truck, but he's still adorable.

If you look at the rear wheel arch you can see it's been heightened & it's an american dodge ram - american trucks are always huge & he's standing on the road while the trucks up on the sidewalk. I think ordinarily he'll be around 6ft [?]

He does seem to be head and shoulers above the cars in the other pictues,o maybe he's not as short as he seems in that picture woth the truck. Too bad, I like them short.

Sorry, my keyboard needs new batteries. And no I'm not short, I just like short sexy guys. They're fun to carry around.

Who cares how tall he is if he just sits there and smiles or flexes?

the right size is when the foot touches earth...
Dado looks great...

He resembles "my Anderson" who I met two years ago!

He looks awful in those long shorts; they seem to be much too big for his beautiful body!

he is a hottie!!

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