Speedo Sundays

Terra has finally unveiled its new boy for April, and it is 23-year-old Tiago Botega, from Rio Grande do Sul.



Visit Terra's The Boy for the complete spread.


He is hot. The only flaw is the nose...but I would love to have him in my bed.

His black & white photos are assume!

Okay I don't think this guy even looks Brazilian...

I think he's the best The Boy in ages. Hot!

Guys in Brasil come in all colors from very white to very dark. They have wonderful soft voices when they speak to you. :-)

yeah guys in brazil come in all colors, but terra should explore northern states for a change. 7/8 of the guys lately have been from the south. this guy is sort of nice, tough i guess pretty much anyone after supersexy jonas is a bit of a letdown.

i can HARDly wait for members-only pics. please post them ASAP. this guy is beyond HOT.

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