Speedo Sundays


Got some pictures from new label IQONIC last week, and figured I'd give them a shout out here today. My favorite image from the catalog is after the jump.


For more pictures, visit IQONIC swimwear.


Now that is a beautiful man.

the best way to wear a speedo

Finally a guy who is not lily white!

Black guys have bigger richards.

This is a REAL babe!

Now this is the body for a speedo, makes me want to go buy a few.

If you check out their site like I did, you will be pleasantly surprised to see a diverse racial variety of handsome and hunky men. Finally, one firm has gotten the correct idea about what appeals to customers!

beautiful model, but really cool costumes too :)

finally nice to see a hot man of color on here!

" FINALLY A MAN OF COLOR !" affff vai tudo comecar denovo...

This guy is beautiful, and has the perfect body for a speedo!

Yeah! Hot hot hot!

i wish I had his body! Even if I practically live in the gyn i wont get that body.

Speedo is a brand name. If you're Brazilianizing the world, why don't you call it a sunga?

Apparently some of your readers and viewers are unaware that you have had a few Brasilians of deeper hue previously.

I again am elated to see a beautiful, hot Brasilian man of color gracing your blog as well as appearing in a special ad!

This guy is finnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee (FINE)!

Finally! A man of colour on Made in Brazil! Wow! I hope you keep it up (no pun intended). Some of us are very much into men of colour. You should do this more often.

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