Sex & The City Of São Paulo

RG Vogue released yesterday the first image of the much anticipated ad campaign for the new Cidade Jardim luxury mall in São Paulo, set to open its doors next month. The campaign was shot this past Wednesday at the Meatpacking District by Tom Munro, and features none other than Sarah Jessica Parker.

I first reported about Cidade Jardim two years ago, when construction of the complex started. Built over 840 thousand square feet, with four towers of office space, a spa, and about 120 stores already on board, it is destined to become one of the biggest luxury areas in the country. Whatever it is that Sarah Jessica Parker decided to charge for this day job certainly did not hurt the investors.


SJP is just FAB!!! I CANNOT wait for the new Sex & The City movie coming out later this month............. LOVE her!!!

Pumpkin Man

Trabalhei num centro de negócios perto deste shopping, sempre de manhã ficava olhando a obra e finalmente já está quase pronto... vai ser a nata...

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