"Blindness" To Open Cannes Film Festival

Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles received the news yesterday that his upcoming release Blindness was chosen to open this year's Cannes Film Festival, which starts on May 14. The movie will also be competing for the Palm d'Or, which will be presented by Robert de Niro.

Meirelles is not the only Brazilian director up for the big award in Cannes. Walter Salles of Central Station is also up for the Palm d'Or with Linha de Passe ( or Line of Passage).

Blindness stars Julianne Moore as the only person able to see in a town in which everyone else is mysteriously struck blind. Click here to watch the trailer.

Get Ready For Floripa Gay Pride

Brazil is funny in the sense that most Pride parades take place on random weekends throughout the year. The parade in Florianópolis happens this Saturday, and the parties start tonight since tomorrow is a holiday.

Wednesday, April 30: GLITZ Sedux at Jivago Lounge.

Thursday, May 1: Tribal Feeling at Club Concorde.

Friday, May 2: The Week's TOY Party at Life Club in Jurerê Internacional, and Perversion Party at Club Concorde.

Saturday, May 3: The Week's Cosmopolitan with Curtis Atchison at Life Club in Jurerê Internacional, and Post-Parade party at Club Concorde.

The 3rd Annual Florianópolis Gay Pride Parade starts at 2pm at Avenida Beira Mar Norte. Last year there was a big controversy with the fact that Peter Rauhofer was announced as a main DJ at a party, and never showed up. This year I cannot avoid but to feel that the city should have waited to celebrate Pride after São Paulo, or at least put together a couple of bigger parties. I am not attending, but I will report on the event early next week.

The French Get Another Dose Of Edilson

Edilson is not only featured in a very sexy spread for the May issue of TÊTU, but his half-naked butt also graces the cover of French M Mensuel magazine.


More images from M Mensuel as soon as I have them.

Dear Ronaldo, We Need An Explanation

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo (a.k.a. The Phenomenon) has dated some of the country's hottest girls, so when a tranny accused him of not paying for her rendered services early this week, the whole nation was naturally in a state of shock. Here are the two versions of what happened.

According to Ronaldo, he met a prostitute called Andréa at a club in Rio on Sunday night. The two took off to a motel, and Andréa called two girlfriends to join them. When Ronaldo realized he was dealing with three trannies, he offered each one of them R$1K to call it a night. One of the trannies declined his offer, and asked him for R$50K, which Ronaldo refused to pay.

According to Andréa, the tranny of the week in Brazil, Ronaldo picked her up after dropping his girlfriend home. He was not aware that she was actually a man, so the two went to a motel, and Ronaldo asked Andréa to call a girlfriend and have her join them. Andréa said that Ronaldo did not care when he realized her girlfriend was a tranny, and that the two had sex. Another tranny was called, and she came in with drugs. Andréa was asked to go buy more drugs, and Ronaldo gave her his car registration as proof that he would wait for her at the motel. When she got back, her two friends were gone, and Ronaldo refused to pay for her services. She had a fit, police came in, and soon the Brazilian media followed.

Andréa taped Ronaldo with her cellphone to prove that she was actually with him. The 8-seconds video is now one of the most watched on YouTube Brazil.

As much as I believe that Ronaldo's version is the one to go with, just why on earth would he even think of screwing around with three trannies? I mean, he can get pretty much any girl (or guy) he wants for free.

A Semana: Andreia Schwartz, Superheroes, Hard Candy, And Gay Pride

Andreia Schwartz is milking her 15 minutes of fame. After being deported from the US a month ago, she posed wearing nothing but an I (Heart) NY shirt for the May issue of Brazilian men's magazine Sexy. Madam Schwartz is also shopping for someone to write her biography, and working on a miniseries for TV properly entitled Lady Manhattan.

Talking about sexy spreads, the latest issue of Genre features hot male models in underwear at the beach.

16-year-old Wanessa is the latest Brazilian featured as Model Of The Week at Models.com.

Model Caroline Trentini graces the cover of Korean W.

Tim Gunn wants Nina Garcia back on Project Runway, and so do I.

Style.com has a really cool take on the upcoming Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibit, which opens at the Met Costume Institute on May 7.

Madonna's Hard Candy finally dropped today. I have been listening to the album a lot, and so far I am digging She's Not Me, Incredible, and Dance 2night. If you are still skeptical about Madonna's venture into hip hop, make sure to read the album review from the NYT. Her Roseland concert will air live tomorrow night on MSN.

CSS has put its new track Rat Is Dead (Rage) up for free download on the web.

Singer Rufus Wainwright signed a deal with the Gay Pride Association of São Paulo to promote his concerts in the country, which will coincide with Gay Pride weekend.

Tickets for Gay Pride parties at The Week are already on sale. You can purchase them online in advance at Ingresso Rapido.

Stalking Rodrigo Santorace


Actor Rodrigo Santoro was caught in some vintage Versace fashions while shooting I Love You, Philip Morris with Jim Carrey yesterday in Miami. More pictures of the two actors playing gay at The Daily Mail.

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