A|X Is All About Sexy Brazilians This Summer

The new Armani Exchange ad campaign for summer is probably the label's hottest one to date. It features the same two Brazilians from the spring ads, Miro Moreira and Izabel Goulart, as well as Andre Ziehe.



FYI, Andre almost did not make it to Ibiza in time for the shoot, but after seeing these images I am happy he did.

Click on images above to enlarge. More after the jump.



More images from the summer campaign coming on Monday.


Good God!!! HOT is an understatement!! Can't wait to see more :)

sea AX and sun....
the sun on zenith....

Even a straight guy would admire the beauty of these men.

LV-- your sentiments are great! I can adopt them, as I think these men are definitely the epitome of what "masculinity" and handsomeness are all about!

Oucccccccccccccccch, these guys are gorgeous as well as beautiful visions!

Sweet jesus! Now that is a campaign :)!

simply love that campaign.

it's unfair..y did God make Brazilians so HOT!!

Hey do you know who the armani model is with the star tattoo on his left shoulder?? =]

does anyone know what the model with the very nice tattoo's name is??

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