Best Swimwear Editorial Of The Season: Poseidon

The new GQ Style for spring is already on newstands, and it features the coolest men's edit I have seen so far this season. Even though there are no Brazilians involved (model is Patrick Petitjean and photographer is Nathaniel Goldberg), I had to share a few images with you guys.





GQ Style is the best men's magazine out this season. There is also b&w spread with naked models and words by Tom Ford which is really hot. Make sure to pick up a copy.


Very artistic. I am impressed.

Well, GQ Style is a U.K edition so it's thankfully not as commercial as it would be if it was produced in the U.S.

UK GQ Style is great. the last issue is fantastic. Not so sure about the new Arena Homme though...

i love this editorial!!!!!!

I've always loved Patrick. This is a great editorial.

My God, the fashion world is trying to make men into walking swizzle-sticks, just like they did women. This isn't sexy -- it's starvation mode. Not at ALL attractive, to me.

He is not that skinny. He is lean and muscular.

Patrick PetitJean is only 23! I think he's very handsome and chic looking but he does look a lot older than he is. At least 34.

"'s starvation mode" - kyle michel sullivan

You are a blind moron. Some people happen to be thin, even if they eat twice as much as the average person (and never do any of that disgusting stuff like anorexia). So it's pretty insulting to say that his body looks like it's in 'starvation mode' when it's quite possible that's just the way god made him: thin.

How charming, Eric -- I'm a "blind moron" because I see a man who is extremely thin and whose photos so deliberately emphasize that thinness, he looks more like a survivor of Auschwitz than someone healthy and well-cared-for. If this is his normal look, I feel sorry for him -- because to me he appears to be in desperate need of a pizza supreme or a Hot Fudge Sundae.

Of course, I allow that you do have the right to disagree with me. But comes the question -- why do you not afford me that same right?

he's hot

Auschwitz??? Hardly

Castaway with Tom Hanks? Definitely

But better looking and properly fed.

Look at those legs

They look like they get a lot of excescise

I'm also sure that beard would feel nice against
your buttocks

You may disagree all you like, that is your choice. Unfortunately you clearly have no choice in being a big ol' moron.

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