Brazil's First Televised Gay Wedding


Last night Felipeh Campos and Rafael Scapucim got married in a ceremony for over 1,000 guests which was broadcast live on the TV show Superpop. I watched most of it, and have to admit that it was one of the tackiest weddings I have ever seen, which made it even more camp and fun. I'm hoping this is going to become a trend.

The couple is spending their honeymoon in San Francisco. I wish them the best, and applaud them for having the balls to get hitched on national TV. More pictures at Terra.


That's terrifying! I'm getting married (civil partnershipped) next year and the thought of it turning into something like that scares me!

The TV shows it because it is "weird". The emphasis is not on love or human rights, but on the shocking power of the ceremony. I am not completely sure that it helps the gay community.

Rede TV is known for being sensationalist.

I'm sure many of the Channels will follow....

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