To Make It In America

It does not hurt to perform at Oprah. Watch Leona Lewis at yesterday's show.

This girl is going to be major. Make sure to look out for the Moto Blanco and the Jason Nevins mix of her US debut single Bleeding Love.


am I the only person not really into her? she's pretty and all but the song is kinda anti-climactic and it really does nothing for me...i'm all for the next pretty-talented-soul singer-pop star, but I just think that she is waaayyyyy too over-hyped and her lable is trying hard to force her down our throats...and now, she's got OPRAH!

This is her 1st American T.V interview & performance ... not sure how after 1 performance it's forcing her down your throat ...

She wasn't as good here as normal but I'm guessing the Oprah studio, like most t.v studios aren't the best place for performances.

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