The New Mister Brazil

Vinícius Ribeiro, representing Espírito Santo, was crowned the most handsome men in Brazil at this year's Mister Brazil pageant, which took place over the weekend in Poços de Caldas.


The runner-up was Mr. Minas Gerais Maciel Moreno Mendes.


My friend Sergio Mattos sent me some pictures from the pageant. Check them out after the jump.

The third and fourth spots were taken by Mr. São Paulo Luciano Stranghetti and Mr. Rio de Janeiro Ronald Rezende Pereira da Silva.





BTW, the winner last year was Lucas Gil.


They are hardly the most beautiful men in Brazil. These contests do not attract the creme de la creme.

I would definitely have to agree on that. I liked last year's contestants better actually.

yeah, compared to most brazilian models working in the fashion industry these guys can't compete ... so the term 'most handsome in brazil' is a joke!

What happened to the medical student? He was HOT. Maybe he was too smart?

é verdade, mas temos que entender que estes " Contests" são feitas sem patrocinadores por alguns admiradores da belez masculina e é só. então é otimo que eles existem para pessoas antenadas, hipadas possam ir lá e catar uns novos talentos e colocar no mercada seja ele qual for,

I solidly agree with all of the preceding responses. These men who are featured and are judged the winners are far from being 'the most handsome of men in Brasil.'

I've seen better looking and more gorgeous bodies of Brasilian men in ordinary circles!

I hope this pageant changes in 2009.

So what if these guys are the not most gorgeous men in Brazil! This is a pageant to select the guy who will represent Brazil the best in international competitions. Granted, there may be better looking guys out there, but that doesn't mean they are pageant-quality or meet the requirements that make a great Mister Brazil. Besides, most good-looking Brazilian men (that I know) are dumb.

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