The Brazilian Gay Media Boom Continues

Every single Brazilian gay blog today is reporting on the launch of AIMÉ, the third gay publication to hit newstands in the past six months, along with Junior and DOM.

According to the press release which hit my mailbox this morning, AIMÉ will feature three sexy spreads with models but no nudity, and will focus on news and entertainment. Unlike Junior and DOM, it will run monthly.

The first issue is set for a late April launch, with 120 pages, 30,000 printed copies, and ex-Big Brother Brazil Fernando Fernandes shirtless on the cover.


Expect me to fully dissect the magazine as soon as it is launched. Another picture of Fernando after the jump.


Picture courtesy of Folha Online.


Mais uma... só pela chamada de capa - tanto visual quanto das matérias, ih, preguicinha.

Apart from that, como está o restante das coisas?

I'm all for more Brazilian gay mags, but before they actually print an issue, that logo has got to go.

Juliano, Are any of these magazines available through US subcriptions? A definite "got to have"...os agradecimentos, de um seguidor avid do blog na Palm Springs.

Very nice..yup that is nice to know :) congratulations to AIME

Hi guys
Hope all you are well, I have a question by any chance someone knows how is call that tattoo in the shoulder of the guy in the picture?

it is very good to be your member and very nice , so we can be friend from today
thank you

Nice magazine, I would like to create gay cartoons for!

Nice magazine, I would like to create gay cartoons for!

Há cerca de dois meses assisti na Tv Record, São Paulo-Brasil, entrevista dele. Atualmente esta em uma cadeira de rodas paraplegico após acidente de carro, onde colidiu violentamente com um poste!!!

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