The Boy Gets Buff

22-year-old Jonas Sulzbach is probably the sexiest model to pose for Terra's The Boy in a while. Below is a selection of some of my favorite pictures of the spread by photographer Didio.




Visit The Boy for the complete spread. More coming later this week.


he's probably the sexiest of all! i just love him!

very nice, indeed!!

Wow, That boy is on fire. Dying to see that tattoo close up.

it looks like he has 3 nipples. lol
damn freckle

I hope he get's that mole on his arm checked-out regularly. A black centre on a dark mole with an irregular border can often be a sign of malignant melanoma.

Just speaking from experience.

since i can't read portugese, how do i sign up for a terra account to look at the rest of the photos?

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