Picking The Wrong Song

Forgive me, but you just don't attempt to perform Alone at American Idol after Carrie Underwood (more than) nailed it seasons ago. It is time for Ramiele Malubay to go home. Watch it and compare.

The highlight of last night's show was David Archuleta's introduction video showing him dancing with his little sister. Talk about stage parents. As for David's choice of song, all I am going to say is that it also goes with the title of this post.

I am going to be expecting something amazing next week.


nice comparison!!!but sorry you're very very wrong honey!

i think Ramiele and Carrie Underwood should not be compared with only one song. you are not what you sang. besides, they were sung at a different style. though ramiele is a little sick that night, she still managed to deliver a wonderful performance. like what one of the judges said, this is 50% popularity and 50% talent. ramiele got both, i believe so.

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