Miro Moreira For DOM

As much as I love Igor Macedo on the cover of Junior magazine, I have to admit that it does not compare to Miro Moreira in a swimsuit on the cover of DOM. Below are some images of the editorial with Miro from the gay magazine.

More images and a making of video after the jump.

Hot, right? Below is a making of video of the editorial.

More at:
Two New Coverboys



Come on...
It's time for you to post that amazing picture of you inside Junior.
To be 100% honest with you, you look completely Hot on that pic.
I am still in serious doubts about that belt, but the rest looks awesome dude.

he is a babe

He is so beautiful. He's way hotter than Evandro!

He has become one of my favourite Brasilian Male Models. He just oozes beauty and sexiness, like Joao and Alvaro.

He's good looking.....but definitely not hotter than Evandro!

I'd love to get between those legs of his! What a 6 pack!

Okay up until now I haven't really been a fan of Miro's, I never really got what the appeal was... let's just say I get it now ;). I'm a big time fan of Evandro's, but this guy may soon dethrown him in my mind ;).

Gosh, this dude is so hot. I go crazy every time I look at him... He's amazing. God bless his stunning six pack abs!

eu amo o miro moreira ... "miro casa comigo?"

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