On Stage With Paulinho Vilhena

The Brazilian actor will spend every evening in nothing but his undies now that his new play O Arquiteto e o Imperador da Assíria debuted in São Paulo.


More pictures of the rehearsals at Estrelando.

More From The National Underwear Parade

Below are a few more pictures from the 2nd Annual National Underwear Day, which took place in Brasília on Wednesday.

All images courtesy of Finíssimo.

Obsessões: Lanvin, Flip, Time Capsule, And Raf Simons

In order make things more personal here, here is a list of things that I am digging at the moment (a.k.a. what I would like to spend my money in next week in New York).

Lanvin hi-tops: the spring sneakers in suede with copper toes manage to look even cooler than last fall's in satin. I just have to find a way to justify their price tag, or get some really cool Nikes instead, especially because I can never find cool sneakers in Brazil.

Time Capsule: I haven't upgraded to Leopard yet, but this is the perfect excuse to do it. Apple's newest gadget allows you to seamlessly back up 500GB (or even 1TB), and also acts as a wi-fi station.

Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder (in orange): because I want to start featuring more video content here, and this is probably the easiest way to do it. It is cute, small, and can record up to 60 minutes of footage.

Raf Simons for Eastpack: because it actually makes me WANT to wear a backpack, and it is also probably the only thing by Simons which I can afford.

I also need to get a watch (one that will not be robbed easily in Brazil so that I don't have to fear for my life while wearing it). Any suggestions?

BBB8: Bianca Goes S&M On Us

Big Brother Brazil contestant Bianca, who everyone though was a dyke, has been riding the fame wave since she was voted off the show. In her latest promotional efforts, she posed with model twins Fernando e Ricardo Mattar at hotel Villa Reggia in Rio.

The S&M story was the ideia of my friend Sergio Mattos, and it was shot by ex-model Eduardo Rodrigues.

On more sexual BBB news, Thati recently admitted to having kissed girls before. While the entire nation thinks that she is a lesbian, her parents stated that she is straight. Now have they been watching the show?

André Ziehe For Mustang

Because it had been a while since I had posted something about him, and because he looks great in the spring ad campaign for Mustang.

FYI, André has already shot the new campaign for Brazilian label Zoomp with Alessandra Ambrosio. I can't wait to see the result.

A Semana: Gay Media, Gisele, Pato, And Naomi's Tumor

Actor Rodrigo Hilbert has been confirmed as the coverboy for the third issue of gay magazine DOM, making him the first straight actor to take the plunge. According to some of my sources, Junior magazine has a hot celeb in store for its fourth cover as well.

Brazil's porn G magazine shut its doors last Friday in São Paulo. The bankrupt publication was bought by Ad Business, which already owns several gay sites. Rumor has it that the entire staff is going to be revamped, and that the magazine will focus on more nudity and less content from now on.

Talking about gay media, check out more hot pictures of Pedro Virgil's Naked For A Cause.

V magazine has an exclusive peek at the images from the YSL spring campaign which haven't been released yet.

Preview images from the new Colcci fall ad campaign with Gisele, which will be unveiled on national magazines next week.

Tom Ford does GQ Russia (with the usual chest hair exposed).

Rising soccer star Alexandre Pato pays a visit to Nike in Beaverton to get some customized kicks.

Naomi was unleashed from the hospital in São Paulo last night, and is already been taken care of by her current Brazilian bf Marcus Elias. She had to undergo surgery over the weekend to remove a tumor. No nurses were harmed during her stay.

Quick note: just got the new Shapeshifters and Jason Nevins mixes for Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love, and they are off the hook.

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