Flashback: Carnival In Rio

Carnival has been officially over for a week now, but I thought these pictures I received from reader Shawn were still worth posting. They are all from The Week Rio, probably the best addition to Carnival in the city this year.

More hot sweaty boys on the dancefloor after the jump.

Thanks Shawn for sending the pictures. More from him here.


in two of your pictures from Carnaval in Rio
there is in each one of then a person with a cigarette up in the hand. Whats up with that? Isn't Brazil yet following the rest of the world with the ban of cigarettes in bars, restaurants and clubs? Beside the fact that smoking on the dance floor is so tacky. Get it on with the program BRAZIL!

Gimme a break with the cigarette obsession! I don't smoke but it never bothers me. Some adults want to smoke. Rather that than ecstacy or MDA or la cristal.

Absolutely! Ecstasy, MDA, or La Cristal are the worst. And the person that is doing is only hurting itself and probably it's future. But cigarettes are a complete different thing. You not only hurting yourself, you hurting everyone around. And BTW this is not an obsession. I don't smoke either, But it does bother me to see young people or old people doing it. Smoking is the obsession.

wow. great pics. looks sooo much fun.

For what it's worth, I was there and didn't think clubs were very smokey in Rio. Buenos Aires clubs, Amerika and Alsina, had a lot more smoke even though it's banned.

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