Fashion Week In New York Is Over And...

You can always count on Michael Kors to turn up the chic volume, to drive Peta insane, and to cast many Brazilian top models.

You can always count on Mr. Kors to have the hottest male models backstage (watch him talk about his menswear collection).

You can always count on Brazilian Francisco Costa to take Calvin Klein to the next level.

You can never count on Marc Jacobs to start on time, but last Friday he did it.

Is it just me or was the Marchesa collection inspired by Balenciaga?

Brazilian Carlos Miele is still making an effort to be more Oscar de la Renta than Cavalli, and I give him credit for it. The only problem is that he is better at doing a gold digger in a beaded dress with a major side slit than a Park Avenue girl.

Victoria Beckham was a guest judge at the Project Runway runway show. Five remaining contestants presented collections last Friday, but only three of them will air on the two-part season finale on February 27 and March 5. If you are curious about the five collections shown, head over to New York magazine to check them out.

Already a veteran in Brazil, Aline Weber had a strong first season in New York, with bookings at Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, and Calvin Klein. Oh, and did I mention she opened for Jonathan Saunders?

There were great clothes on display, but nothing got me more excited than the Made In Brazil madness at Oscar de la Renta provided by my friend JD Ferguson. Below are two takes with Carol I had not posted before.

Carol has an important message to her Brazilian fans.

Where the f*ck were Evandro and Michael Camiloto? With the recent wave of skinny male models, could they now be considered too buff?


In regards to Evandro, Michael and others I could name, being too buff - what a sad day...

Michael & Evandro aren't even that big.

If it was due to them being to big then why did I see countless pics of Terron Wood, Chad White, Matt Loewen, Tyson, Garrett Neff, Andrew Cooper etc ... You don't make much money at shows & when you have a profile as high as Evandro & to a lesser extent Michael then you don't really need to do shows - especially in N.Y where menswear takes a backseat to the womens shows ... My bet is that they were back home in Brasil having a well earned break like every other Brasilian New Yorker ... Everyone usually goes home for Carnaval!

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