Alice Braga In The Hollywood Issue

Brazilian actress Alice Braga is definitely the female Rodrigo Santoro (and maybe more). You may have recently seen her star opposite Will Smith in I Am Legend, and this month she gets a much coveted spot on the fold-out cover of Vanity Fair, next to the likes of Emily Blunt, America Ferrera, and Jessica Biel.


In case you can't tell, she is the one above Ellen Page. Click on image to enlarge.


Brasil is wonderfull but your going to have to more than comment on the beuty stakes if you want to Brazilianize the world one day at a time. Does this mean you want to introduce all those bad practices used to exploit the majority of the population while the very few sit around looking at sites like this? Come on Brasil grow up a little!
You've got so much going for you!

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