Surprise Guest

Carnival in Brazil would not be complete without a visit from Brazilianizer #1 Naomi Campbell.


She showed up yesterday in São Paulo for the Vogue Gala at Hotel Unique, and already managed to get into trouble when she decided she had the right to cut the line to the bathroom. According to Ego, one Vogue editor even called her a snob, but that did not seem to phase her. Why am I not surprised?

She will be spending Carnival in Rio and Salvador this year. It is about time she sends me a picture with an I (heart) Made In Brazil sign.


Naomi is the Paris Hilton of the Fashion Industry

Do not ever compare Naomi to Parasite Hilton. Naomi may have anger management issues, but she is the gold standard of Supermodel.

I'll compare her to whome ever I want, and It was satire anyway fool. Hmph!

Just look at those beautiful eyes and sexy smile! Naomi is timeless.

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