More Thiago Rufinelli

Thiago Rufinelli is one of the cutest boys to pose for The Boy in a while, and I can't believe he is only 18. I love how at ease he seems to be with the lack of clothing. More of the members-only pictures after the jump (semi-NSFW).

I uploaded the remaining members-only pictures on a photo album, which will be up for a limited time only. Make sure to check it out.

Visit Terra's The Boy for the complete spread with Thiago, shot by photographer Didio.


Two, please.

Que Rico!!!!!

He can sit on my face any day

This young cutie has me stirring right now; he's soooooooo HOTTTTTTTTTTT and to the boiling point!

You're definitely correct in saying that he seems to be completely at ease in his au natural state!!

Incredible, thank you thank you thank you!

Thiago is the most beautiful young spunk I have ever laid my eyes on. I want more, lots more!

Please we want more of Thiago! Does he have a webpage or facebook? I have never seen such a honey, and I cant wait for more more more.... hurry up I want more.

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