Gratuitous Malvino Salvador Post

The Brazilian actor spoke to Ego about his first movie role in O Signo da Cidade, in which he just so happens to appear naked on a sex scene. It is just a back view, but I think it may be worth the price of the ticket.

FYI, I will take any excuse to post pictures of him.

Surprise Guest

Carnival in Brazil would not be complete without a visit from Brazilianizer #1 Naomi Campbell.


She showed up yesterday in São Paulo for the Vogue Gala at Hotel Unique, and already managed to get into trouble when she decided she had the right to cut the line to the bathroom. According to Ego, one Vogue editor even called her a snob, but that did not seem to phase her. Why am I not surprised?

She will be spending Carnival in Rio and Salvador this year. It is about time she sends me a picture with an I (heart) Made In Brazil sign.

The Beckham Show Continues

David Beckham ditched the suit he wore yesterday morning in Natal for a more comfortable and weather appropriate attire to play ball at the beach in the afternoon.

UPDATE: click here for a video of Beckham talking about his project in Brazil.

His Lips Are Killing Me

It is not often that I get polas of a boy who I think has international potential, but that is not the case with Lucaz Fernandes. Yes, he needs to develop his body but he is only 17, and his face is stunning.

Lucaz is represented by 40 Graus Models in Rio.

Packaged For America

Leona Lewis' video for Bleeding Love gets a New York makeover and a hot new boyfriend played by model Nicholas Lemons for its American release.

I still like the rain and the drama in the original video better. If you have not listened to her debut album Spirit yet, get a copy asap.

Brazilianizer Of The Week: David Beckham

It was warm yesterday in Natal, but Mr. Beckham did not lose his cool as he announced plans to build the Beckham World of Sport at Cabo de São Roque resort.

FYI, Beckham landed in a private jet and is staying at a hotel at Via Costeira. More at Ego and UOL.

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