His Lips Are Killing Me

It is not often that I get polas of a boy who I think has international potential, but that is not the case with Lucaz Fernandes. Yes, he needs to develop his body but he is only 17, and his face is stunning.

Lucaz is represented by 40 Graus Models in Rio.



Apart from his lips he's your average model.

I think Andre Z, Evandro, Michael C, David J, Miro M are more attractive but I'm sure this kid will do well .. As well as other Brazilian guys? It remains to be seen ...


Those lips, lips, lips, and that nose! My tongue and mouth would have a field day!

I don't see AVERAGE here: I see a very cute BOI who's emerging and developing in the right ways, physically!

thank god he does not satisfy the conventional look of small nose and paper thin lips but evry one sees his cuteness!! and the boy is cute!!!i have a pronounced nose too and felt unattractive but now i see that my nose is a part of me and adds character!! and plus if one looks at me???!!! i am damn cute

indeed, nice lips. he's good looking but not stunning

indeed, nice lips. he's good looking but not stunning

he's the hotness.

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