Carnival Party Guide To Floripa

Floripa is the second biggest gay destination for Carnival in Brazil. If you are heading in that direction, here is a list of the best parties happening on the island.

Friday, February 1st:
Babylon International Connection with DJ Offer Nissim at The Week.

Saturday, February 2nd:
Pool Party with Matinee Group at The Week.
E.Joy with DJ Chris Cox and a special performance by Suzanne Palmer at Lagoa Iate Club. Tickets online at Nos Vamos.
Fatboy Slim at El Divino Club.

Sunday, February 3rd:
Sunrise Party on board of yacht Casablanca with DJs Ana Paula, Patricinha Tribal, Ale Bittencourt, and Slam T, departing at noon from Hotel Veleiros. Tickets online at Nos Vamos.
Troy Pool Party with DJ Bill Hallquist at Alameda Casa Rosa, starting at 2pm. Tickets online at Nos Vamos.
Toy Party with DJ Isaac Escalante at The Week.
Concorde Crew with DJ Sandro Perez at Floripa Music Hall.
David Guetta and Mischa Daniels at El Divino Club.

Monday, February 4th:
Cosmopolitan Special with DJ Peter Rauhofer at The Week.

Tuesday, February 5th:
Nova Pool Party with DJ Stephan Grondin at The Week, starting at 4pm.
Tiesto at El Divino Club.

Please note that the parties listed at El Divino Club are not gay events, even though I am pretty sure they will attract a gay crowd. Remember to email me pictures when you are not too busy dancing shirtless amongst 2,500 hot sweaty men.


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