Brazilianizer Of The Week: David Beckham

It was warm yesterday in Natal, but Mr. Beckham did not lose his cool as he announced plans to build the Beckham World of Sport at Cabo de São Roque resort.

FYI, Beckham landed in a private jet and is staying at a hotel at Via Costeira. More at Ego and UOL.


This is the David Beckham to which I am familiar. He is such as goodlooking and sexy hunk (with suit as well as without). He has a sexy ad for a cologne firm or a firm that sells briefs; I don't know which one, now!

I wish him the best in his endeavors in establishing the sports resort in Natal, but I do hope that he would also extend some humanitarian components by opening certain parts of the facilities to those individuals, esp. young folk, who are underserved based on economics and class.

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