Beckham In Brazil

David Beckham landed in the country today and the image below is the first one to hit the web: the player leaving his hotel in Natal protecting the skin he is in with wife Victoria stamped on a MJ t-shirt.

Beckham is in Natal to announce plans for his third soccer academy, the Beckham World of Sport, a sports complex that will be located in the soon-to-be-built luxury resort Cabo São Roque, in northeastern Brazil.


I love Natal!!! It is one of the cleanliest and friendliest cities in Brazil! I do hope Beckham will help it become one of the host cities for the 2014 World Cup to be held in Brazil!!!

He looks so pallid in these photos. I hope he uses sun screen and get a sexy tan of which is most needed!

His doing the sports center is great; ...hope he opens it up to poor youth who could perhaps benefit from learning to play soccer from a different perspective.

I have been to natal three times in one year and it is a beautiful city. I love natal. one day i will live there, let us hope beckham is doing for the poor people and not his pocket. the people of brasil are a proud people, warm, friendly and helpful people, I wish i could be a part of his project.

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