Who Is The Hottest Brazilian Of The Year?

It is that time of the year again. I have selected nine hot nominees based on the impact they caused here on the blog, as well as on general Brazilian media. The list contains a Big Brother Brazil contestant, soap stars, and the sexiest male models in the country. The finalists for Hottest Brazilian Of The Year are:

Click on the images for more info on the candidates.

Who is the hottest Brazilian of 2007?
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Voting will resume in two weeks, and you are allowed one vote a day.


hmph! LOL, just kidding...I'll vote ;)

That's a bad photo of Caua. I hope you consider changing it so he wins!

How about none of the above...

My vote goes to CAUA. He is absolutly the best of all!!!!

alexandre cunha has to be on it too!

That is a GREAT photo of Caua! Any modern man that can look beautiful with AND without a moustache is amazing. He has the face of an angel, but I don't mind looking at him from behind. ;^P

This year, the Brazilians aren't as hot as last year...sigh...

I can't believe that Caua never wins these things...

So let's make him win!!! Everybody for CAUA!!!

I'll vote for him when the mustache is gone.

caua and gianecchini are the most sweets .. but ... my vote goes to giane.

Ramirez is the most divine with andre coming very close, that's a vote from belgium

Where are Edilson Nascimento and Leandro Okabe?
Pity I hesitated for one of them!

Edilson Nascimento is not only the hottest man in Brazil, but he's also the hottest man---and the most beautiful---in the whole world! How could you leave him out?

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