Tackiest Event Of The Season: White Party II

Not even the clouds over São Paulo and the constant threat of a thunderstorm were capable of slowing down the gayest event of the month, designer Rogério Figueiredo's birthday bash at The Week. I did not attend the event last year, but my expectation level was set on high thanks to all the press releases I received on my mailbox for the past two months.

I am not one to bash a party when it is open bar and there are hot go-go boys, but I do confess I was expecting more of the event after all the online buzz. For starters, the invite could have used a little extra attention. If you are going to write it in English for no other reason than the fact you think it sounds cool, you should do a little homework so that you don't spell Birthday Spetacular wrong (it should have read Spectacular). As for the picture of the designer surrounded by flamingos and tigers, I thought it was really camp and perfect for the party. Rogério gets points for having the balls to do it.

The organization of the event was obviously the strongest point, but that is probably because it was supervised by the team at The Week. The idea of serving caipirinhas at the bars was cute and summery, but not effective considering the amount of time it takes to prepare them. I know I can't complain about drinks when they are free, but something else other than vodka, beer, or water would have been nice. I heard about a food court, and I know there was one, but I did not manage to find it (and all I saw related to food were boys sucking on popsicles).

Unfortunately, the weather did not help much with the all white theme. If it had been sunny and the skies had been blue, I think the party would have worked better. Somehow it felt like a New Year's Eve celebration in the middle of fall or something. On a positive note (or not depending on what turns you on), at least it did not rain, and it was fun to see what everyone had on.

As for the music, I would have liked it a little less hard and somber considering it was a day party. A lot of the people I saw who were high as a kite seemed to be enjoying it though, so please ignore my opinion. The twenty-minute samba break which totally raised the tackiness level to a 10 was actually one of the highlights for me when it came to dancing.

There is more after the jump, and exclusive pictures at a new photo album.

All said about the party, I ended up having a really good time, and it was great to see many friends which I had not seen in a while. I got there at 4, and I left at about 8:30 pm, missing the fireworks show, which some of my friends told me was the icing on the cake (not because it looked like the 4th of July in New York, but because it resembled something put together by a 5-year-old). After hearing that I was sad I missed it.

And on a very positive note, over 5,500 toys were donated at the party. I loved the initiative of collecting toys at the party, and would love to see more charity events like Toys For Tots taking placing in Brazil.

For more pictures of the action, check out the White Party II photo album.


It was great that a sizeable number of toys was collected, but I hope none came from China or had been inspected prior to being assembled in one big pile!!!!!!

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