Reviewing DOM, The Second Gay Magazine Launched This Year In Brazil

As mentioned here before, DOM magazine is the second gay publication to hit Brazilian newstands this year. I did not know much about the project prior to picking up a copy of the first issue a week ago, but I had high expectations considering the magazine is printed and distributed by a much bigger publishing house than Junior, the other gay publication launched this year, and that model Andre Ziehe agreed to pose for the cover. My expectations were also for a greater focus on news, and a more mature approach to readers.

The issue looked great on newstands all over São Paulo, but then again there is no way a cover with Andre Ziehe could not work. When I opened the magazine though, the first thing that hit me was the paper quality. It is not that paper stock is more important to me than content, but I do not like to be able to see through pages when I am paying R$ 10 for a magazine. The paper factor ended up giving me the impression of a cheap product before I even started flipping through the pages, and it is something I would highly suggest the editors rethink for upcoming issues.

The first issue of DOM happens to be filled with the same problems of the the first issue of Junior. Most of the items featured are old news to readers who are connected to the internet, which makes me think that editors should be paying more attention to blogs, and international websites. The art direction and graphic design are more cohesive than the one presented in the first Junior, but it looks even more dated than the content, and is harmed by the poor quality of the printing.

Articles in the first issue of the magazine include an interview with a notorious gay couple from Rio, picture profiles of personalities from the São Paulo gay scene, and a travel guide to Buenos Aires. There is also a guide to obtaining a six-pack, a lecture on organizing your closet (no pun intended), and a very Cosmo questionnaire to find out which sexual animal you are. Reading through all of them proved to be a real lesson in patience. It is not that the reading is not informative. The problem is that it lacks personality, and feels sterile.

As for the editorials, I did not understand the main feature with Andre. He looks hot as expected, but the styling is beyond tragic, especially considering this is a magazine for a more mature readership. The other editorial piece with model Gabriel Grandi is more of what I expected from the magazine: simple looks in black and white. Considering the magazine claims not to be interested in becoming a fashion publication, my only question is: why is it that the biggest sentence on its cover reads SEXY FASHION CHIC? The stylists should have gone more Details and GQ than Nylon, that is for sure.

As much as I support the idea of a hetero-friendly gay magazine (to use the editor's own words), my problem with the first issue of DOM is exactly that: a gay magazine trying hard to be straight. Pardon me for being sarcastic, but I don't think any straight boys are going to be picking up a copy, so there is absolutely no need not to be out and proud. I am not saying that there is not a market for DOM because there is: it is a magazine for a relatively older reader, who does not have an immediate need to know about the latest trends, and who does not necessarily live in a big metropolitan area. When you come to think of it, that market is huge, and very much in need of a product like DOM. Proof of that is the fact that the magazine is already sold out in most newstands.

I understand how difficult a first issue can be, and I have no doubts that DOM will improve based on the feedback it is getting from readers like myself and many others. The second issue of Junior was already a million times better than the first, and I am sure the same is bound to happen with DOM. The next cover is set to feature model Miro Moreira, which is already reason enough to look for it.


I totally agree with you. I thought the same thing yesterday when I picked it up at a newstand here in Curitiba.
I liked Junior better......

Ditto. I couldn't agree more, honestly.

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