The First Boy Of The New Year

Terra's The Boy kicks in the new year with 28-year old model Thiago Alves, photographed by Felipe Lessa.

I find it one of the worst spreads ever shot for the site, not because of the absence of a six-pack, but because the pictures lack some of the free-spirited sex appeal which is so typical of The Boy.

Visit The Boy for the complete spread. More on Monday.


he's not cute

The TRASH at the end of my driveway is better looking.

there were some much, much hotter choices and photoshoots from 2007! hopefully they pick things up for february!

he's not that bad looking, it's just that the model is not in his best. let's give the kid a chance. with a good workout and styling he could be the next hottest guy in the planet.


Like it or not this is what an AVERAGE man looks like. and if thats not your thing so be it there is no reason to bash the guy cus he doesn't have the chiseled muscles pretty boy face and the unrealistic standard of beauty that most of you all are suckers for. Grow Up people he's not that bad

Alexis is right but like any other job you need to be what you were hired for. If you get your low self-esteem from not looking like a real model, then you have bigger problems. But this guy is no model and shouldn't have been hired. The industry sets its own standards and the word "model" should not be taken for the literal meaning.

I've seen and been with the so-called "average" man in some parts of Brasil, and they "outshine" the featured guy in looks by 95%! I chose to be nice by deducting 5%!

Unquestionably it is true, the pics do lack free-spirited sex appeal, perhaps because the model is not comfortable communicating with the still camera. But i disagree strongly with some of the comments made by other posters about his appearance: I find his face very interesting and attractive, far more so than average, and his body, while not chiseled as some would like, is lean and toned, without flab. He may not be comfortable with the camera, or at his best at the moment, but he is still way more attractive than most men on the streets anywhere.

I think he really is quiet uncomfortable in front of the camera, he also failed to show enough sensuality to match the standard that the other Terra's Boy had already set, I also think he is not that average in the face department (some of his photos are showing really good face), the main mistake that this guy made was his lack of strength, passion, and power in his pictures.

Anyone who knows what kind of briefs he's wearing? The grey ones with the colourful waistband are really cool!

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